Win-win, win-lose or lose-lose?

Picture: Sean Stratton, Unsplash

One shamanistic view is that we need to balance our give and take/receiving in every day life; we should try create situations of win-win for all involved. However, in the modern, western lifestyle the taking/receiving outweighs by far the giving; the energy created is more often win-lose. With regard to our exploitation of mother earth and a society where we are raised to consume material things in an increasingly rate. So much that we for example are draining earths resources, polluting earth, water and wind and exterminating more and more species of plant and animal life. We have created a situation of lose-lose; nobody can ultimately win from this.

If you have the ability to deeply connect with this, with other beings, the worlds joy as well and suffering, you’re also aware that merely the knowledge of suffering can drain us completely. Because you can actually sense the suffering and maybe even mourn the losses (even on forehand). For those who aren’t as sensitive to this energy, it’s understandably hard to know which impact this can have on ones health or level of energy.

I believe that if you have this amazing gift of sensitivity (because I believe that more of you are inclined towards an imbalance with regard to necessary taking/receiving, am I right?) it´s especially important to take care of yourself and maybe even work with feelings of guilt or shame with regard to needs/receiving. As well as dealing with issues of shame related to providing for ourselves, setting healthy boundaries or manifesting your light and to receive the resources needed for this. In the end of the day, it´s equally important to show love towards yourself.

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