Ceremony is more important than we may think

Soon we’re entering the swedish “Thanksgiving”, Sunday October 11. This is an old tradition of thanking spirit for our harvest, abundance and all that we have been given in life. I find this a perfect opportunity to celebrate and to teach our children gratitude and ceremony. The importance of being able to feel gratitude, to celebrate and give thanks to all that is good in our life and shall come. To show respect to and thank mother earth for her gifts and her patience.

Photo: Despacho, 2012. Protected by copyright

I recommend using an andean despacho/offering, or if you can’t a fire ceremony (for example lighting a special candle). In sacred space. My teacher Joan offers a detailed and respectful description of the beautiful tradition of despachos. Remember, intention and energy is more important than anything else. You can read more about it here.

Did you know that the ability to feel gratitude is important for our wellbeing. Or that ceremony is a very important key factor to change in our life? Not only because it’s the recognized language when working with energies on a higher level. But also because it connects to parts of our mind and brain which is susceptible to ceremony and change on a deeper level. At a spiritual level.

I invite you to give thanks and to join me by fire and in ceremony.
With gratitude <3

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