What is your commitment?

Drömfararen – shamansk energimedicin

Western societies many times have difficulties to understand that which they cannot see with their physical eyes. Shamanic energy medicine and the practice of ceremony is one example of that.

Despacho for giving thanks and for dreaming the world into being

When we work on ourselves at an energy level, the level of the creator and of spirit, we work with things we cannot see or fully comprehend unless we practice and experience the connection. Wisdom has to come from experience. We cannot use our physical eyes or brain to understand what is going on in the invisible world. What is happening with ourselves. However, don’t be fooled by appearence.

Many people have been amaized about the results. For example when people want to make substantial change in their life due to their life situation or mental or physical illness. I believe that a common misunderstanding is that changes come overnight. But what people don’t understand is that spirit also has to take your free will and the physical world into consideration when working on our behalf. I’ll explain this further.

Universe works through ayni, a balance between give and take. We cannot exploit and use others and the world without consequences. Also, we cannot expect to recieve anything else than what we mirror to the world. Our energy body and universe remembers even though we might forget. I have many times experienced this in my work, tracing some of these consequences into the actual energy field of a person. Including myself. Manfiesting themselves into imprints or draining energy bonds. Real stuff with real people.

We live in a world that is seriously suffering from separation, selfishness and destruction. Where money, power and the exploitation of people and objects are at center. Your worth is estimated by the worth you give others. Not just for being the precious soul you are. We base much of our practice from fear, guilt or punishment strategies. We nurture our anger and self doubt rather than heal our wounds. Where a feeling of lack and fear is the natural currency. Then we project all of this in our world. We see it in others but not in ourselves. We condemn that part of us that is suffering in darkness or lift others up in parts where we have forgotten our own beauty or strenght.

There is also those who believe that just love or thought itself will save the world. It will not and it is a naive practice. The world needs both our intention, love and ACTION. No good intention in the world can change the situation for children who are sold for labour or sex or stop the world from being drained or polluted. It will not raise our children to feel safe or be responsible, loving and caring adults who can care for earth tomorrow. It will not stop the world from using people. It will not stop or suffering. Before we know it we end up where we dreamed more than we changed and it’s too late. The shamans talk about humans that are being asleep, as a walking dead.

Walking dead or sleeping?

This demands a serious commitment from ALL of us. Universe or pacha mama does not demand that we do more than we’re capable of. But remember that we also need challange to know that we are more capable than we think. That discomfort is a sign of awareness and growing, if we can go with it and learn. We must all search deeply in ourselves, to see where we are not stepping up to the call of spirit and earth. We cannot continue to drown our minds in things that does not lead to real action. Learning without action does not make change.

These are desperate times and earth cannot wait for our commitment. We can all do a lot to help in our every day life. Whether it concerns the way we consume things to the way we pollute the environment. We need to take responsability to learn what we need to know and to practice what we learn. This is easier said than done, I know. But we must move energy and act, rather than just think. Even if it’s just one step to begin with. This gives energy to the cause.

Healing and manifestation comes from our inside and out. You cannot expect the universe to give your situation a resolution if you are broadcasting a message of resistance, doubt, fear or an unwillingness to do the necessary work in the physical world. You have to walk your talk/thought, heal that which needs to be healed, change that which needs to be changed and do what is necessary. It also has to resonate with the higher good, your true self. When we can align with that, universe will start to conspire on our behalf. It may take less or more time, since things don’t happen over night in the physical world, and it may come in a way you did not expect. But it comes. So be mindful of your broadcast.

This Thursday we expect a full moon. Which is a perfect time for doing work where we release things. Whether it’s physical, mental or in the energetics. This is not a woo-woo, spiritual practice for fun. Even though it in its appearence seems small. This is about taking spirit serious, working with our whole being to dream our world into being or to release that which no longer serves us. Followed up by real action. When we are able to put our whole being – our visions, our feelings and our actions – into work, miracles happen.

I invite you to work with the world of all <3

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