Fasting – Old wisdom in new light?

Fasting as part of healing disease.

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Shamanic healing is the ability to use deep wisdom in the unseen world, for example the human energy field, and transform that wisdom into reality. It is actually highly aligned with science. A lot of wisdom that is “discovered” in the modern world is already known in spiritual traditions as shamanism. Fasting, mindfulness and the power of the mind to avoid disease is one of them. More and more people are discovering that they are healing using old wisdom being brought into the focus of todays science.

For more information about the scientific approach of healing with fasting and autofagi; please visit links below:

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Link TED talks: Sophia Lunt, Starving cancer away:

Youtube video: Thomas DeLauer, Fasting vs. Cancer Cells: Positive Science: Fasting vs. Cancer Cells: Positive Science- Thomas DeLauer – YouTube

Still hungry? Find more information on the internet, for example published papers on medical studies.

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