Booking information

Before booking and purchase, please read the following information.

  1. Please read terms of purchase and services below.
  2. Fill out the purchase form here. Other questions: go here.
  3. Terms of payment: advance payment in SEK or EUR by swedish Swish (+46736229377). Alt. bank transfer via Nordea bank Sweden or Paysend/ (contact me for more information). Transfer message: buyers first and last name + purchase date.
  4. Buyer must pay for any tranfer fee, or extra fee (for ex. due to incomplete money transfer).
  5. Seller will confirm and deliver service or product only after receiving full payment.
  6. The buyer contacts the seller, according to agreement (phone, e-mail, videocall, visit etc).
  7. Please note; due to preparations it’s not possible to take any calls or meetings prior to scheduled time.

Terms of purchase and services from Alexandra Redbjörk

The following terms and conditions apply to the purchase of a service or product from Alexandra Redbjörk, (hereinafter referred to as Me, I or the Seller) as well as any service or product informed on my website The Buyer (hereinafter referred to as You or the Buyer) is subject to these Terms and conditions upon purchase of a service or product, and agree to all of these terms.

The terms and conditions were last updated 2021-07-25 and may be subject to change at any time, without affecting the validity of these terms prior or after the change. I reserve the right to correct any information, at any time, regarding incorrect prices or information.

It is important that you read and agree to these terms before buying any service or product from me. To clarify our expectations from each other and avoid disappointments. Questions can be sent to or via contact form at

About my work

Services are carried out at agreed time and place (for example visit, phone or video call). Courses and other time-specified services or products are provided as informed, within the specified timeframe. Any other agreements in addition to these terms, must be confirmed in writing by me in order to be valid.

Please do not call or visit earlier than scheduled, due to preparation time. Since all work is done in my home (camera monitored) I do not receive accompanying people or pets. In these cases they will have to leave and wait at another location, to return after we are finished. Otherwise I may have to cancel. If I need to cancel due to this reason, you are not entitled to any refund or compensation. Any exceptions from this rule must be confirmed in written by me.

I may assess it necessary to perform a service by physical meeting. For example site-bound problems.

I do not offer therapy or medical care (for example physical, psychological or psychiatric treatment or assessments). I work from my knowledge and experience in energy medicine and social science. I will assess your problem and my work from that. You may agree with that assessment or not. Please keep an open mind to the fact that we are rarely objective about ourselves. That it may be an opportunity for learning and wisdom, to heal.

Any services, products or information that I convey through my website don’t represent any other assignments that I may undertake. For example any other assignments within social work that is regulated by law.

Information from my work may be used as example in e.g. education or at my webpage. However I always de-identify information, or provide them as required by the buyer through an assessment.

Pricing, payment

Services and products are booked/ordered by filling out the Purchase form at the website, and by advance payment in Swedish kronor, SEK. Please read instructions. In case of uncertainty, the applicable prices are the prices listed on my website in SEK. The prices are end user prices. See below about any additional costs that may arise in addition to the stated prices.

You/the buyer need to ensure that your full name is stated in the transaction, and that the information corresponds to the name of the Purchase form. In case of uncertainty, the buyer is responsible to provide information which can confirm that full payment has been made.

I am unable to offer card payments at this time. Payment is made through swedish Swish transfer or PayPal. I do not accept responsibility for other party’s regulations, transactions or fees. The buyer is responsible for all additional transaction costs in addition to my price (see the applicable price lists at the service provider you want to use). Payment is made in SEK.

A confirmation will be sent after complete booking and payment. Service or product cannot be delivered until then.

Additional costs

I reserve the right for additional costs for example unexpected costs such as travel expences, course premises, food, accommodation, travel, insurance, etc. Additional costs can also be price increases from suppliers who are providing service or product in order for me to convey service or product, costs incurred by the buyer or unexpected costs; for example if my car breaks down and travel is necessery by other means.

The buyer is always obliged to bear any additional costs. Even if the buyer cancels, regrets purchases or fails to cancel a course or an appointment. The buyer shall transfer this additional cost no later than 24 hours after information about this has been sent from me to the buyer. In case of a refund, the additional cost will be deducted from the refunded amount.

Right of withdrawal and other conditions

My services and products are not covered by any right of withdrawal of purchase. For example swedish Distance Purchase Act (SFS 2005:59) or the Sales Act. I am not covered by consumer laws, for example, the Consumer Services Act. I offer my services and products as part of my calling in life, i addition to other work. However, as a service I offer these terms of purchase.

You are given access to these terms and conditions before purchase. and at my webpage As a service, I offer the opportunity to withdraw some purchases as stated below. For digital courses and products, special conditions apply. When purchasing digital products such as audio files or courses, you also agree that the product has been delivered to you and thus cannot be returned.

All services are provided on pre-booked time and are prepared and custom made.


The day course (physical meeting) is held in my home, unless otherwise stated. Please respect the specified time and instruction for the course, I can’t receive any early visits. The course is conducted if there are minimum three booked participants, otherwise it will be cancelled. In cases of extra fees for the course, you/the buyer always have to pay the extra fee. Even if you want to cancel your purchase or won’t attend the course for any reason.

If you/the buyer cancel the course 30 days or less before the date of course start, you will not be refunded. For whatever reason, you have no right for a refund if there is less than three paying course participants in total, after your cancellation.

If you cancel no later than 31 days before the start date of the course, and there are at least four booked course participants at the time, you will be refunded the course fee except any additional costs.

If less than three paying course participants, the course will be cancelled. Participants that has not cancelled the course will be refunded. Any refunds are made after the course date, as the right to a refund depends on the number of course participants. Refunds are always made in SEK.

Terms and conditions for cancellation of service, cancelled appointment

Healing sessions, guidance and other services must be cancelled in writing no later than 24 hours before time of appointment. And as instructed below. Then I will refund what you paid, minus any additional cost or transfer fee. The buyer must cancel in writing as instructed below.

Cancellation must always be made in writing to The date and time of cancellation is the date and time when the e-mail is received. The cancellation must clearly state the buyer’s full name, date, location and what the cancellation applies to.

You will not be refunded if you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours before the booked appointment, if you do not attend the booked appointment, are delayed or if I assess that I have to cancel our contact; due to security reasons or according to “Right to decline” below.

If I am prevented from fulfilling a service due to illness etc, you are given the option to reschedule your appointment or to receive a refund. I will refund the amount to you as soon as possible, no later than within 14 days. Refunds are made in SEK to the specified Swish number/phone number on your booking or what we have agreedin writing.

The condition for refund does not apply in case of force majeure (e.g. natural disasters or other social or environmental extraordinary events).

Digital products, courses

Digital product means a product that contains course material, audio or video recording or other information provided by the seller/me as a digital file or via the internet e.g. course portal, internet page or the like. The product is delivered either via digital link or as a digital file from me to the buyer/you. Purchases of digital products cannot be undone after purchase.

You/the buyer are responsible for notifying me immediately, if you can’t access the product you have purchased or experience technical errors due to the product. You need to make sure that you can access the digital product at purchase date. For example, that you are able to open, download or play the file, or that you make attempts to log in to the course portal when you are given access to it.

You need to provide any information I need to solve the problem. For example if you can’t access the course portal, existing material or can’t play a video file etc. Any problem with digital products, for example a digital course, must be informed urgently. For example, you need to report technical errors within the estimated time frame of the course; an technical problem during the first 7 days section of the course is expected to be reported within these seven days (not after 14 days).

In the event of errors on my part, I have the right to be given reasonable time to solve the problem. I decide what is reasonable time and always work as quickly as possible. If I consider it necessary, you need to give the information I need. For example demonstrate the problem via video link.

You cannot expect any refund or compensation if you have not met the therms of information, if have changed your mind or if you haven’t used the product within the stated time frame.

Force majeure or other unexpected circumstances

If I/the seller has to cancel a course, change a course layout or cannot deliver a purchased product for reasons that I cannot control and could not foresee, so-called “force majeure”, you/thebuyer are not entitled for a refund of a purchased product or service. For example, natural disasters, fires, interruptions in internet traffic or means of communication, strike, pandemic, serious spread of infection and so on.

If you do not use a service or product, in whole or in part and for whatever reason, you are not entitled to a refund or compensation in any way. For example: you have not completed a digital course within the specified time due to personal reasons, you do not have the technical equipment or internet service needed to use the product or service, you have not read the information sent to you etc.

Cancellation or refund

If I/buyer has confirmed a refund, you/the buyer is obliged to submit the following information to me in order to receive a refund. You need to notify me following in writing

Location and date
The service concerned
Your full name, postal address, your email address
Payment method: swedish swish transfer phone number or PayPal address.

The data is sent to Any deductions will be made for additional fees.

Buyers obligation

You/the buyer is responsible for contacting me or to visit me/seller on booked appointment (video call/phone/visit according to written confirmation from me) so I can fulfill my commitment to you. You are responsible for complying with these terms and conditions and to provide the information I need to fulfill my commitment to you.

You are responsible for providing accurate contact information and monitoring your mail, email, phone or other specified contact route so that you do not miss any information from me. You are also responsible for reading the information and checking that the information is not sorted out as junk or spam mail.

You are obliged to inform me about anything that may affect the performance of a service or digital product. For example, you need to keep in mind that the result can be negatively affected if you are not honest about your problem or if you are not willing to take responsibility for your transformation.

You have a responsibility to contact me if you need more information in connection with a service or product. You are also responsible for contacting me promptly if problems arise along the way, so that I can assess whether it is possible or reasonable for me to accomodate you.

You are responsible for using a time-limited digital service or product within the specified timeframe. I am under no obligation to waive these terms and conditions or to compensate you, for wanting to cancel a purchase or if you have not used a service or product within the specified timeframe.

Results and responsibilities from our contact

My products or services do not replace your ownership. You are responsible for your choices, your life and your health. For example, you are responsible to seek any necessary medical care for yourself.

Your outcome depends on a variety of factors in your life that I can’t take responsibility for, which may affect you over time. If there are special circumstances in your life that you think I need to know, you have an obligation to inform me. I will assess if it’s possible for me to accomodate you. Your personal circumstances and your ability to assimilate information, a service or a product may thus affect the result in a way that I cannot be held responsible for.

Ask yourself; can you keep an open mind and accept that you won’t get all the answers right away? That it is a process and can take time and require changes from you? Perhaps painful ones? Healing means friction and change. That you take responsibility for making the necessary changes. It is not always a pleasant or painless journey. It may take time. But it can produce results you never experienced or thought possible.


Products and services created by me in parts or as a whole, of a service or product, are protected by copyright. It is not allowed to record, copy, share or pass them on in any way. This also applies to digital products that you have received such as digital file or otherwise access via physical or digital course.

I use both self-produced materials as well as materials from other sources, which are listed as approved to be used by me and my purpose. I may use protected material from another party that is governed by law and agreements.

You/the buyer have an obligation to inform yourself and comply with applicable laws and regulations in this area. My advice is; never save, copy, store and share anything from me that you have not been given written permission to. You are also not permitted to share or disseminate the material, even if you have been entitled to a copy of a work from me or taken a course with me. I indicate in writing when it is allowed to share material.

The right to terminate contact or service

I have the right to reject or terminate any contact with whomever I want. This may happen if I believe that I am not the right person to help you, if I suspect that you are under the influence of intoxicants, illness (e.g. delusions or hallucinations) or other circumstances in which I feel it will be inappropriate or risky for me or you to work with you.

I may terminate the contact with you if you do not fulfill your responsibilities under these terms, if you prevent me from fulfilling my commitment to you, if you do not respect my safety requirements, if I feel you have a harmful behavior towards me or if I assess that you need help that I cannot provide for you e.g. healthcare.

I own the right to assess whether you will be refunded or not in these cases.