A world of change

In these times of challange, we face another great challange; our need to pass judgement or blame. Maybe because we fear sickness, death or the loss of loved ones. Or maybe because we want to hide or not think about it at all. I made a decision not to vote on either side, but to chose a third alternative.

The situation could also be looked upon as a teaching. About what is truly important or necessary in every day life. The opportunity to cherish loved ones, earth, solitude or “off-the-grid” moments. In the end I believe we are better served by more compassion and humanity. In thought as well as in action. Not only because of how energy affects our energy body, but also because of how beneficial it can be for our immune system and quality of life. I vote for peace of mind.

Photo: Parker Johnson

#drömfararen #dromfararen #shamanskhealing #energimedicin #shamanskenergimedicin #shaman #paqo

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